Roof Lanterns Plymouth

Our team have been installing rooflights and roof lanterns in Plymouth and across Devon for many years. Frames are available in both aluminium and uPVC, and come in flat, domed, or pyramid designs. Once installed, your home extension will benefit from increased light and warmth as well as an enhanced visual appeal. Quotes are free with no obligations, so call us today to find out more.

Should I Choose a Rooflight or Lantern?

While terms are often used interchangeably (rooflights, skylights, roof lanterns, etc), both are essentially a window in the ceiling. The only real difference is that a rooflight is the flat option, and a lantern is the pitched pyramid version. Both are available in double or triple glazing and can be custom-made, to your specifications, from uPVC or aluminium.

Rooflights are ideal if you want benefits internally but don’t want them visible from the outside. Also, they can be installed in a modular fashion, meaning you can configure the shape and size of your installation to suit your tastes.

Roof lanterns are eye-catching from the kerb as well as inside, and can add an architectural enhancement as well as a practical one. The angled glass also allows for maximum light and warmth ingress and makes a room feel larger by opening it up to the sky above.

Custom-made Aluminium, UPVC & Glass Roof Lanterns

Your ceiling window can be custom-made from lightweight aluminium or energy efficient uPVC and combined with double or triple glazing to suit your needs. Though typically rectangular in shape, they can be constructed to your specification and expertly installed by our experienced team.

Lighten Up Your Home Extension

The top reason for fitting a roof lantern is to improve light flow and warmth, normally for extensions. They make your space more functional and can be more effective than windows, especially if your property is in a particularly built-up area. Not to mention, they are rather eye-catching. Meaning your property will stand out to prospective buyers should you sell your home in the future.

Roof Lantern & Rooflight Installers

We’re experienced roof lantern and rooflight installers, having been in the industry since 1998. Your property is in safe hands with our experienced team. We’ll ensure your home is left water-tight, illuminated, and protected by our insurance-backed guarantee. Following installation, our team can offer tips and advice for cleaning and maintaining your new ceiling window.

Order Rooflights & Roof Lanterns Today!

Get in touch today for a free, no-obligation quotation, or to order rooflights and roof lanterns in Plymouth and surrounding areas.

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