Signs You Need Your uPVC Windows Replacing

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Are your uPVC windows in need of some care? If you’ve noticed anything wrong with the frames and glazing on your property, then it’s important to get them seen to as soon as possible. Ignoring the signs of damage can cause many problems for your property. It can lead to uncomfortable temperatures, safety hazards and even increased energy bills. Here are some signs that you need to call in the experts.


If your uPVC windows have a draught, then it’s time to get them replaced. Stand near the units and feel with your hands for any drastic temperature changes. An air leak indicates a failure somewhere. It will allow cold air into your home and let warm air out, which can cause your energy bills to increase. It’s important to get new units as soon as possible to ensure you’re not overpaying on heating your home.


Misted uPVC windows describe condensation that occurs between double glazing. This indicates a failure in the seal and can be down to the glazing or the frame. If you can see condensation between the panes, then you’ll know that they’re not functioning correctly.

Misted Windows

Obvious Damage

If the uPVC windows in your home have obvious damage to them, it’s important to get them replaced. When they are not working as a unit, you can expect weaknesses to impact your daily life. With things like cracks, faulty functions, or even smashed glazing, the unit has been compromised and won’t be doing it’s job. At the height of its performance, it will be energy efficient, reduce noise pollution, enhance security and improve the kerb appeal of your home. When it is vulnerable with damage, it won’t be performing well enough to protect your home from outside risks, or the elements.

Old Windows

Unfortunately uPVC windows won’t last forever and they do wear out over time. They typically last for around 20-30 years, after which they will start to perform less efficiently. If you have old units, it’s important to get them replaced.

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