The History Of Conservatories


Conservatories have become a quintessential British extension. This type of structure provides an array of benefits to a home whilst adding more floor space for growing families. There’s a rich history behind the conservatory that lead to its evolution into British households. With almost 20% of all homes boasting an extension like this, you may be interested in its historical significance, and the advantages that accompany it.

As a result, we’ve created this overview, please see below for more details.

The Birth Of Conservatories

Conservatories became prominent in the 18th century. With the production of quality glass, wealthy families with grand estate homes utilized them as independent buildings. Often, they would be used to grow plants out of season. Citrus fruits such as oranges were a favourite and thus began the birth of the orangery. It’s interesting to note, that the defining features of an orangery in comparison to a conservatory are the walls and structure itself. Modern-day conservatories are often plastic and glass, utilizing as much light as possible. However, orangeries were usually built from masonry, creating a more rustic, sturdy aesthetic.


Modern Day Adaptations

It wasn’t until the 20th century that conservatories became available to the masses. Glass was expensive to produce and difficult to acquire for the lower and middle classes prior to this. Fortunately, as production techniques developed, and mass production began, conservatories became much more accessible and evolved into what we see today. They’re extremely affordable and offer a fantastic array of benefits to the general public.


The Benefits Of A Conservatory

Conservatories are accompanied by a few significant advantages. From aesthetics to utility, there are a few reasons to fit a high-quality installation into your home.

Please see below for a detailed outline of these qualities:


With such a large amount of glass used in conservatory production, you’ll be able to let massive amounts of sunlight into your extension. Additionally, all that light creates a perfect sunny refuge in the summer, or an area to grow plants that require warmth and light.

Increased Property Value

If you install a high-quality conservatory, you’ll be able to advertise an extra room and additional floor space. As a result, the asking price of your property can be increased, and you can profit further if you ever decide to sell.

Floor space

A conservatory is an extension of your home. As a result, it provides an extra room and additional floor space. This is particularly advantageous for growing families. Furthermore, it affects the value and functionality of your home.

light conservatory

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